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Plentmax began in 2007 as a company focused on supplying promotional products merchandise to the corporate promotions industry. As those business relationships developed and the market grew, Plentmax expanded its core product categories and services to better meet the need of our customers. Today, although our product offerings, services, and client base have expanded, the core conviction has remained the same – to build lasting business relationships by providing unparalleled customer service and the finest products available.

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We take pride in being a collaborating partner and problem solver rather than a conventional supplier!

How We work with you

With our extensive industry experience, we are responsible for sourcing and providing inspection services for you in China.

We will regularly recommend you new products which developed by the factories we work with and help you to open the markets.

Do you want to develop creative products on your own? Just provide us with product drawings, or even just a product concept, and leave the rest to us!

Sometimes, we also get some product development inspiration from some foreign shopping sites or social sites and discuss our ideas with our customers to develop a new product together.

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